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In BC, 1 in 5 children live below the poverty line and 1 in 3 children go to school hungry.
Families living in poverty are often forced to make brutal trade-offs like foregoing dinners for a week to pay the rent.
British Columbia has one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada with 20% of children living below the poverty line.
In BC, 1 in 5 children live below the poverty line and 1 in 3 children go to school hungry.
More than 150K children live below the poverty line in BC.
1 in 3 children go to school hungry in British Columbia.
Over the weekend, children in food insecure households often don’t eat properly, or at all.
In BC, 1 in 5 children live below the poverty line and 1 in 3 children go to school hungry.

NourIshing our


After realizing there are hungry kids in every BC community, we created BC Feed the Kids– a registered charity based in White Rock, BC, Canada.
Now, we’re filling the food gap with impactful food programs and harvesting positive change at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. 
We’re putting up a good fight against youth hunger
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Our prOgrams

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Snack Attack Program

Many local children go to school without snacks or enough food in their lunches. Many other food support programs are only available during meal times, leaving kids hungry for the rest of the day. The Snack Attack Program provides healthy snack options for K-12 students who go to school without enough food. This program is inclusive of all kids, not only those identified as needing help.
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Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch days are supposed to be fun for everyone! We believe that children should not be denied a Hot Lunch because their families cannot afford it. Our Hot Lunch Program provides for children without lunch-money so they can be included.
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FuelIng Minds

Many students are unable to participate in the school activities that cost families additional money such as field trips and instrument rentals for band class. This Program was created to provide for those “extra” costs, as well as basic school supplies for children who do not have what they need.

Our mission is to empower BC cOmmunitIes to feed beLlIes and fuel minds so that every kid can thrive 

In the fight against hunger, the more the merrIer

We’re always looking for schools to partner with and volunteers to support us in the fight against hunger. Whether you’re interested in learning more about our programs or looking to lend a helping hand, we can’t wait to connect with you.
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Daily Meals
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Community Support
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Snack Programs
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hot lunch program

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