Programs to impact lIves

When kids go hungry, they’re unable to focus, learn, and excel. We’re on a mission to fill BC’s youth food gap with free, accessible nutrition that allows kids to just be kids––while reaching their full potential.

Snack Attack Program

Many local children go to school without snacks or enough food in their lunches. Many other food support programs are only available during meal times, leaving kids hungry for the rest of the day. The Snack Attack Program provides healthy snack options for K-12 students who go to school without enough food. This program is inclusive of all kids, not only those identified as needing help. Snacks are available at any time of day without the fear of judgment.

Recognizing that even hungry children may feel reluctant to seek help due to embarrassment and the loss of anonymity, we are committed to changing this narrative. Our carefully designed programs prioritize inclusivity, aiming to eradicate the stigma associated with seeking support. By fostering a welcoming environment, we strive to ensure that children feel comfortable accessing the assistance they need.

Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch days are supposed to be fun for everyone! We firmly advocate that no child should ever miss out on the experience of a Hot Lunch due to financial constraints within their families. Our dedicated Hot Lunch Program is designed to ensure that every child has access to this essential meal, regardless of their economic circumstances. Through this initiative, we aim to promote equity and unity within our school community, ensuring that no child feels excluded or left behind. Together, let's embrace the spirit of compassion and ensure that every child's hunger is met with warmth and nourishment.

FuelIng Minds

Many students need help to participate in school activities that cost families additional money, such as field trips, instrument rentals for band class or sporting equipment to play on a team. BC Feed the Kids created this program to provide for those “extra” costs and basic school supplies for children who do not have what they need. With the rising costs of everything, field trips and extracurricular activities are a luxury that many schools/students cannot afford.